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Artificial Grass Cost In Austin

Austin’s climate is typified by very long and hot summers, which makes artificial grass perfect for people who live in the city because it requires no watering.

However, one of the topmost concerns about artificial grass installation for most people is the cost implication. 

If this is your concern too, here’s a quick answer: Artificial grass in Austin costs between $5.50 – $18.75 per square foot. Many factors directly affect the total price of artificial grass, some of which include: the quality of material to be used, the dimension of the area, labor cost, the state of the region, and other factors.

In the following, you’ll find more details about the cost of synthetic lawns in Austin. Other details you will find include why you should get yours and how to get your artificial grass in Austin.

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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Austin?

Artificial grass is not like the regular product a consumer gets every day. It is a one-time investment which makes the initial price a bit costly, and like other house renovation projects, its costs can vary significantly.

Artificial grass is priced chiefly per square foot and varies based on the quality and grass type you want to get also. As mentioned earlier, the cost per square foot for artificial grass in Austin, TX ranges between $5.50 and $18.75 and an average cost of about $12.33 per square foot. It should be noted that this average price also includes other factors that would influence the total cost such as labor cost and material cost amongst others.

For instance, the average cost of getting artificial grass to cover a space of about 500 square feet would be around $6,165 and the minimum and maximum prices will range between $2,750 (nearest minimum) and $9,375. The price mostly depends on the artificial grass material type or the brand you want to get it from, the size of your yard, and its cost, including labor and materials.

For homeowners in Austin, getting an artificial grass installation for your home saves you a lot of money in the long term because artificial grass requires no watering, mowing, or fertilizer. It also runs on low-maintenance and gives you a green lawn all the time.

The cost of artificial grass is indeed more expensive when compared with natural grass or sod. However, getting artificial grass is worth the price in the long run because the savings is in the maintenance as it does not require the care and expense that natural grass incur.

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Cost Estimation of Artificial Grass in Austin Based on Types

There are three popular artificial grass types: polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Each of these varies in price and the quality of the material. More quality is equivalent to a higher price. However, it is advisable not to go for grass types that are cheap and ignore the quality because most times, low-cost artificial grass are not usually the quality you want to get.


Polypropylene has the lowest quality and durability among the three types mentioned, and its appearance can be significantly affected by high temperature and heavy foot traffic. It is suitable for indoor use or in areas where temperature and foot traffic is low.

Prices range from $1.90 – $2.75 per square foot. Its imperative advantage includes:

  • It’s low cost compared to other types.
  • It can be used for shady areas or as decorative indoor grass.

The disadvantage of Polypropylene is that it can’t be used in an area with high foot traffic and high temperature.


Polyethylene looks more natural and looks exactly like the real lawn. It has a softer texture compared to polypropylene and nylon. Unlike polypropylene, it is not adversely affected by high temperature and foot traffic.

Polyethylene is non-absorbent and has good drainage, making it a perfect choice for those who love and live with pets. Its price range is between $2.55- $3.85 per square foot.

Its advantages include:

  • More durable than polypropylene and has a softer texture than both nylon and polypropylene
  • It looks like natural grass and can be used for outdoor use
  • It has good drainage, which makes it pets friendly

Polyethylene, however, is not as durable compared to nylon.


It is the most durable synthetic grass type and is also more costly than others. It can handle high temperatures, foot traffic, and heavy foot traffic without adversely affecting its appearance

They are mainly used for sports fields and have stiff textures because of their durability. The price ranges from $5.05- $5.85 per square foot. Its advantages include:

  • It can withstand heavy, high foot traffic and high temperature
  • It is excellent for the sports field.

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Cost Estimation of Artificial Grass in Austin Based on Other Factors 

Other factors affect the cost of artificial grass aside from the material type. Some of these include:

Area Size

Artificial grass is priced per square foot, which implies that the more square footage an area you want to apply your artificial grass to, the higher the amount of artificial turf you would get. 

Larger spaces, therefore, result in a higher cost than smaller spaces. However, don’t give up on installing artificial grass in your large area because the prices tend to reduce the more the size of the artificial grass you order. Contact us today for your artificial grass in your spacious apartment; the bulk price would surprise you.

Area Shape

Artificial grass fits nicely in an area with straight lines and right angles because it mostly comes in rectangular shapes. However, curved or circular areas can incur more material costs because you might have to cut the artificial grass to fit the curved shape, which would lead to wastage and cut-offs, unlike an area with straight lines where you can just use the artificial grass as you buy it.


White dog laying on pet turf in Austin.



Artificial grass can be installed anywhere in the home or office with a suitable surface. However, the cost of the synthetic turf also depends on the area of the building you want to install it. 

For instance, the cost of getting artificial turf for your rooftop will be lower than the cost implication for your sports field. 

The easiest was to know what artificial grass cost in Austin is, is to contact us and discuss where you want to have your synthetic grass installed, and we will let you know how it will affect your costs.

The blade shape, brand, type of infill used on the turf, and extra padding for support are also other factors that affect the cost of synthetic turf in Austin.

Artificial grass in the backyard of a home in West Lake Hills.

Artificial Grass Cost vs. Natural Sod Cost

No doubt, the initial cost of synthetic turf is more when compared to the cost of natural sod. However, before you get overwhelmed by the total cost of buying artificial grass and getting it installed, you need to understand that it is a one-time investment just like every other house innovation project.

In considering your options between artificial grass and natural sod, you should consider the upfront and lifelong costs. 

For natural grass, the maintenance fee is higher as it requires frequent maintenance, which costs an average of $1,000 yearly, and the cost keeps increasing even with inflation and other factors.

So, although natural grass might seem cheaper initially, as long as you want to maintain it, it will always remain a financial burden for you as maintenance runs throughout its lifetime. 

On the other hand, for artificial grass, even though it is costlier, after the initial payment of the purchase and its installation, you won’t have to bother about maintenance fees. Over time, the price incurred in getting synthetic grass will pay itself off.

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How do I calculate my artificial grass?

Measure the width and the length and multiply the two together; this gives you your area. However, some lawns are not easy to calculate. So, you will need to contact a professional lawn installer.

Can dogs pee on artificial turf?

Yes, dogs can pee on artificial turf. However, artificial turf is not affected when dogs pee on them. Dog urine dries up just like rain. However, you need to clean them up.

How do you lay artificial grass on dirt?

  • Firstly, clear the area where you are laying the artificial grass. 
  • Dig out the area to 100mm depth.
  • Prepare the base material and protective layer against weeds.
  • Roll out the artificial grass.
  • Cut and ensure you tidy the edges
  • Then, you can join the rolls together 

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

Yes, artificial grass is pet friendly and has good drainage features. They are safe and suitable for pets like dogs. It can withstand any wear and tear inflicted by dogs’ claws or nails.

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