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The Best Choice for Artificial Turf Companies in West Lake Hills

There are several perks to having artificial turf installed. The perks double if you’re a resident in hot West Lake Hills where the grass gets very little soil moisture.

Asides from the fact that you’re excluded from the constant chore of watering, you’re also exempted from the pruning and weeding that growing natural carpet grass entails.

You get a fine-looking lawn all year round. Plus, you enjoy all the benefits of natural grass and more. Are you looking for the best Artificial turf companies West Lake Hills? Then, you’re in the right place. At Waterloo Turf, we offer excellent turf installation and maintenance services in Austin, TX.

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Why Choose Artificial Turf over Natural Grass?

Artificial (or synthetic) grass is a better option for growing a natural lawn if you’re looking to cut costs in the long run. You can consider having artificial grass installed as a worthy one-time investment. The only major cost you would encounter would be artificial turf installation costs.

Now, how does artificial grass save you money?

Firstly, synthetic grass does not require irrigation. This means that you would not be getting an increment in your water bill. 

Natural grass would require an excessive amount of water, especially during the summer to prevent them from turning brown and dry. If you live in areas with a dry climate, an artificial lawn is a perfect option for you, unless you can afford the exorbitant water bill.

Furthermore, with synthetic grass, you’re saved from all costs of maintenance. Pests and diseases have nothing on artificial grass. 

Plus, you never have to pay someone to mow your lawn or purchase any expensive tools to keep your lawn in good shape. Synthetic grass will stay in perfect condition for years after they are installed.

Waterloo Turf can handle your artificial turf installation from start to finish. With our years of experience in the business, we rank as one of the best artificial turf installers in West Lake Hills and beyond. 

Contact us to set up a safe and sustainable turf and get a warranty for your turf, even if the turf would be situated in an area with active usage.

If you’re looking for artificial turf installers West Lake Hills contact us today for the best turf installation service in West Lake Hills Texas! Request for a free quote!


Artificial Turf Companies West Lake Hills: Synthetic Grass or Concrete?

Another contender for your yard is concrete. If you’re keen on comparing both materials in terms of cost, we’d say go for artificial grass. 

They’re cheaper than concrete and easier to install. If you’re more concerned about durability, then concrete might be a better option. Concrete can last 10 years longer than artificial grass will. 

However, synthetic grass is preferred mostly because of its sleek appearance and smooth texture. If you have kids or the elderly, a concrete patio can cause injury to them. 

Hence, if you want a beautiful and soothing space that is safe for everyone, an artificial lawn is your best bet.

Backyard in West Lake Hills with swimming pool, artificial turf, and an outdoor kitchen.
Artificial turf and large rocks that run along the driveway of a home in Austin, Texas.


Guaranteed to Last

Artificial turf is a great way to improve your home or business landscape. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by a 15-year warranty. We also offer expert installation services that will make sure your new turf looks great and lasts for years. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf products and services!

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artificial turf barton hills Contact Artificial Turf Companies West Lake Hills!

At Waterloo Turf, we are different from many other artificial turf companies West Lake Hills because of our years of experience in this field. Our unique style of artificial turf installation also sets us apart from other installers.

Furthermore, because our team of professionals has worked on several residential and commercial buildings, they will know exactly what to do in seemingly difficult situations.

If you have further questions concerning the installation and expenses involved, simply schedule an appointment with us and we’ll have a quotation ready for you in no time – and at no cost.


How much does artificial turf cost per square foot?

The price of turf grass ranges from $2.5 to $4 per square foot. This sometimes does not include the cost of installation. On average, expect to spend between $2000-$6000 for grass installation.

How realistic is fake grass?

Fake grass comes with all the looks and feel of natural grass, only it comes at no extra cost or effort.

What brand of artificial turf is best?

If you’re a resident of West Lake Hills and Austin, Texas, there’s no need to look up ‘artificial turf companies near me‘. Waterloo Turf remains the ideal company to handle all your turf installation and repairs. Contacting us is the first step to getting an exquisite-looking yard.

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