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Artificial Turf Installation Dripping Springs

We are a licensed and insured turf installation company in Texas. We are counted among the best in the industry. We install fake grass for both commercial and residential property. We service almost all parts of Texas including Dripping Springs, Austin, and San Antonio. Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf installation can be tricky without proper knowledge. We have employees who specialize in preparation of surface than installation of Synthetic turf. We ensure the artificial grass stays beautiful for years to come.

The Best Synthetic Turf In Dripping Springs Texas

Artificial grass has many benefits. One of the main reasons why people install artificial turf is the low maintenance. Maintaining the beautiful look of a lawn can make your property look so much more appealing. Artificial turf can completely transform the look of your landscape. The fake grass doesn’t get dirty as easily, doesn’t fade color, doesn’t need water, doesn’t need mowing, and provides the same softness. Your kids will love to play on artificial turf more than natural grass. As good as natural grass is, it will require a lot of maintenance. Real grass needs constant waterting, seeding, fertilization and so much more. Your pets won’t be able to dig holes in the mud when their backyard and front yard is covered with artificial turf.

artificial turf installation companies austinWhy Install Artificial Turf in Dripping Springs?

Artificial grass looks amazing. It stays green all year round so you don;t have to worry about the green becoming brown or balding at spaces. This will create issues with the look of your landscape. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be water to thrive. That means saving money on water bills and saving time by avoiding the mowing and watering. No matter the weather, cold, summer or rainy, your turf always stays strong and green. We have artificial grass that is stain-resistant, does not leave muddy footprints, requires little maintenance, and does not require herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow. It looks like real grass. Artificial grass resembles real grass and is available in a variety of blade lengths, textures, densities, and green hues. Artificial grass can be resistant to pet damage and doesn’t get your pet all muddy when they play on it.

Dripping Springs Artificial Turf Installation

When you hire us for artificial turf installation, we make sure to complete the look of your landscape. Most home owners are changing to artificial turfs. These turfs in many ways help you save money and secondly it is more economical than spending money throughout the year to keep the greenery throughout the year. Especially if you want to keep the beauty of your curb intact. Synthetic artificial grass is one of the best alternatives to natural grass. We can have been installing artificial grass in Dripping Springs, Barton Creek, West Lake Hills, Round Rock and all of the Austin area and other parts of Texas as well. Synthetic turf installation requires professional surface preparation. Our team takes their time preparing the turf installation site.

We install all kinds of fake grass products. There is a huge variety available on the market. Three types of material are used for artificial grass manufacturing. Nylon is one of the costly options among the three. Nylon grass is one of the most UV resistant and hence more durable. They have a thicker mat, can withstand high temperatures, and doesn’t get damaged from heavy foot traffic. Playgrounds and commercial sports grounds use Nylon artificial grass for their ground. It is also great as a putting green grass. Many golf courses use Nylon artificial grass in their golf field. Polyethylene is optimal for residential use. It doesn’t look cheap. It is hard to distinguish from real grass until you look at it closely. It is resistant to water damage, soft for playing, ideal for pets, and doesn’t get odor or bacteria grow on it. It doesn’t absorb water and makes the best option for landscape grass installation. Polypropylene grass is the least expensive among the three. It is not as durable, however it is good for decoration and less frequented places.

Artificial turf and large rocks that run along the driveway of a home in Austin, Texas.


Guaranteed to Last

Artificial turf is a great way to improve your home or business landscape. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by a 15-year warranty. We also offer expert installation services that will make sure your new turf looks great and lasts for years. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf products and services!

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Top-Rated Dripping Springs Artificial Turf Installation

Waterloo Turf is locally owned & operated. We are a trusted artificial grass installation company in Dripping Springs, TX.

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Synthetic Turf That Looks Real

Synthetic turf  is ideal as landscape turf, pet turf, putting green, kid and pet’s playground, and more. We have installed fake grass in many properties. No matter if the soil in your property has moisture, sandy, clayee, or something else, we know how to install the artificial turf. When we are done installing it no one can tell it is artificial. Our products include different shapes and sizes as wll as shapes of grass blades that you can choose from. You can customize how your artificial turf looks so it compliments the overall look of your property.

We can help install landscape turf in various locations throughout your property to make it stand out and appear greener. Fake grass can be installed on roof top if you have area on your terrace. We have installed fake grass in thousands of commercial properties in the yard to increase the curb appeal of the property. We are turf installation experts who know how to do it correctly. Artificial turf has the ability to transform your landscape into something vibrant and lush. When done correctly, landscape turf will make your lawn look a thousand times more beautiful.

Beautiful Artificial Turf For Your Property in Dripping Springs

Fake grass is great for your backyard, front yard and indoors as well. It is safe for pets and kids as well. We considered the most reliable and trustworthy Dripping Springs artificial turf company. We get our fake grass directly from the manufacturers. Our synthetic grass comes with a warranty. They are durable and look great as well.

Check out the Gallery of our previous work. Our team in Dripping Springs, TX are pros in what they do. We use modern tools and technology for artificial grass installation and maintenance. We have all the needed accessories to keep the fake grass in best condition. Our installations are durable and affordable as well. We install artificial turf for the playground, putting green, residential backyard, commercial lawns and more. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

If you’re looking for artificial turf Dripping Springs contact us today for the best turf installation service in Dripping Springs Texas! Request for a free quote!





How do you lay artificial grass around a curve?

Laying artificial turf around a circular shape is easy. First, measure and cut out the amount of artificial grass that is needed for the installation. Then, lay the grass on the curved surface to get an idea and know which part to glue first, as well as where you will have to cut. 

Next, mark the grass on the back indicating the areas through which you are going to cut. Then, cut the artificial grass following the marks, and install it correctly.

Now it will be necessary to cut the artificial grass, following the marks that you have made previously. As you cut, you must install very carefully to ensure a good result.

Do you need crushed rocks under artificial grass?

In the case of placing the grass in the garden, in uneven areas or that need a greater settlement (such as in play areas, walkways, or swimming pools), you must prepare the ground with crushed stones. In this way you will achieve a professional finish and greater firmness and better drainage, avoiding unevenness and holes under the lawn that could end up damaging it.

Can you install artificial turf on rocks?

Yes, you can! Artificial turf can be installed on any type of surface including rocks. However, it may take a bit of professionalism to have a long-lasting result. This is why most home owners call the professionals at Waterloo Turf because we are the best artificial turf installers Dripping Springs.

Is artificial turf more expensive than concrete?

No, that’s not true! Even though both artificial turf and concrete are affordable and require a low cost of maintenance, concrete landscapes are usually more expensive.

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