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The Top Choice for Artificial Turf in Round Rock

Looking for an artificial turf solution in Round Rock, TX? Waterloo Turf offers various types of artificial grass and takes care of the complete installation of synthetic lawns in Texas!

Installing artificial turf in homes or any type of instance has become a great alternative to natural grass due to its many advantages. 

Although the installation of this type of lawn is simple and fast and you can do it yourself, it is advisable to rely on a professional team.

When choosing artificial turf, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. The right choice of artificial turf and associated accessories that suit your needs.
  2. The choice of who to carry out the artificial turf installation

Round Rock Artificial Turf That Suits Your Needs

First of all, you must consider the purpose of the synthetic lawn. There are many different applications of artificial grass. You may choose to install the synthetic grass on the children’s playground, in the garden, or on your balcony. And artificial grass varies depending on its use. For instance, the characteristics and requirements for a synthetic lawn for a playground are different from that of a garden or balcony. 

Our current range of artificial grass consists of different types of green and colored artificial grass. While comparing the various types of synthetic turf,  at first glance you would say that there are only differences in the color. But there’s more, including:

  • Different colors of green and the presence of moss wire
  • The whip length
  • The density
  • The structure

All these points above differentiate one type of artificial turf from another. Furthermore, artificial grass accessories that will be used also vary depending on what the artificial turf is intended for. The appropriate choice of accessories (like the artificial grass surface, pressure distribution cloth, infill sand, artificial grass glue, etc) has a lot to do with the quality of the installation.

The artificial grass surface, for example, is one of the most important considerations when installing artificial grass in the garden. It is an important step in the installation process so that the artificial grass is as tight as possible and more important; stays put! 

Considering the topography of Round Rock city – a part of the city has fertile soils of the Blackland Prairie, while another part has mountainous, karstic, and light topsoil, and elevated landscape. Hence, you need to ask for professional advice as regards the type of artificial turf and installation process that would be befitting to have a long-lasting synthetic lawn. 

An Effective Artificial Turf Installation Process

In addition to the right choice of artificial grass and associated accessories, how the artificial grass will be laid is very important. Here, various activities can be done yourself or can be performed by an expert artificial turf company in Round Rock. 

The installation process for laying artificial grass on a firm sand bed in the garden is different from that of concrete tiles on the roof terrace. Generally, Installing artificial grass consists of these three steps:

  1. Preparing groundwork
  2. New surface
  3. Product Installation

Note: Thoroughly study the steps so that you can estimate whether you want to have the artificial turf installed by experts or install the artificial turf yourself.


Should You DIY or Hire Professional Artificial Turf Installers?

Careful consideration must be given to all the steps that need to be taken and how to implement them! Here’s a list of materials you need to lay artificial turf yourself:

  • work gloves
  • A good kick
  • A wheelbarrow
  • Sufficient new surface to make a correct sand bed
  • A garden hose
  • A trill, waltz, or pestle
  • A straight bar or spirit level
  • Geotextile or pressure distribution cloth
  • A sharp box cutter
  • Infill sand sufficient for the chosen type of artificial grass
  • A hard broom or brush machine
  • Possibly artificial grass tape, glue, and/or sealant
  • Artificial grass hooks and a hammer

Step-By-Step Plan to Install Artificial Turf

  1. Remove old substrate
  2. Remove the old turf, paving, and other material from where you plan to install the new artificial turf.
  3. Supply of a new, strong, and water-permeable substrate

Make sure that the surface can drain the water. The suitable underlayer must be between 5 and 10 cm thick, depending on the type of substrate. Black soil is not suitable as a substrate for artificial grass, yellow sand also is less suitable. We always use concrete granulate with a gradation of 0-4 mm.

You can finish the surface with sealing tape or stones – though not always necessary. The artificial grass can be stopped naturally under a hedge or the border of your garden.

Processing the substrate 

Vibrate the substrate, keep the sand bed 1 cm below the top of the confinement belt or pavement. Level the surface with a spirit level and leveling lath.

Placing the undermat

You place the pressure distribution cloth, geotextile, and/or artificial grass fall damping. Make sure that the pressure distribution clothes do not overlap. This is not a problem with geotextiles. Do I need a geotextile or pressure distribution cloth? Yes, we always recommend it.

Installation of artificial grass 

Roll out the artificial grass. Watch out for any whiff! Artificial grass is most beautiful when you look closely. Place the roll of artificial grass about 5 cm over the side, edge, or against the wall. If the garden is wider than four meters, place the other roll against this.

Cut to size

Cut the artificial grass to size in the back of the mat with a sharp utility knife. Carving requires a steady hand and a sharp box cutter! This can be a flat knife, but a crochet carpet knife also works fine.

Glue if necessary

Next, turn the sides to be glued together and cut about 2 cm from the sides to the second pile. Pay close attention to the space between the two mats, so that the glue seam is barely noticeable. Place the adhesive tape under the seams of the artificial grass, fold it back, put on gloves and apply a strip of glue to the adhesive tape with the trowel. 

Attach the turf to the adhesive tape piece by piece. Make sure there are no blades between the seam. This makes the seam more visible. Over the next half hour, walk over the seams many times to apply extra pressure. 

You can also choose to use artificial grass tape. In smaller gardens and/or gardens where only a small piece of grass must be glued, this offers many advantages. 

Spreading with sand infill is not necessary, but gives extra strength to the blade and gives support to the mat. We recommend that you do this. This is because we have experienced in recent years that it is in favor of the turf and the lifespan.

Artificial turf hooks

Artificial turf hooks are used on one side length and one width around a tree or bed to prevent vandalism or on a hill to prevent sliding. We use very few. Otherwise, the mat cannot “work” and an unwanted fold/wrinkle will arise in the artificial grass.


Brush the artificial turf with a stiff broom. The synthetic grass sits very flat when rolled into a roll at the factory. Therefore, the artificial grass must always be brushed with a hard broom or artificial grass broom. When the artificial grass is laid for you by a specialist, this will be done with a brushing machine. 

The machine puts more force than the hand. If it doesn’t work, this can of course always be done to give the artificial grass that extra boost. 


Artificial Turf in Round Rock

Installing artificial grass is a job that requires precision and good preparation. You can choose to install artificial grass yourself, but we also offer the option of having it installed by a specialist. The quality of an artificial grass lawn comes out well when it is installed correctly by an artificial grass installer. 

At Waterloo Turf, our craftsmen install artificial grass every day and we have years of experience in Texas. That’s why we know the little tricks behind:

  • The right artificial grass surface
  • The right materials and artificial grass accessories
  • Cutting the right way
  • Gluing the right way
  • Laying the artificial grass lawn in the right direction, the nap.

Trust the Professionals for Turf Installation

If you choose to have the artificial grass installed by an artificial grass installation company, our artificial turf installation service will first prepare a quote for this. This is completely non-binding. This gives you a clear picture of which work needs to be carried out anyway. 

While our specialists are busy installing artificial grass daily, they know the small points of attention to place the lawn as beautifully as possible in your garden, on the balcony, or the terrace. The nap of the artificial grass and the viewing direction is also taken into account. 

If you’re looking for artificial turf Round Rock contact us today for the best turf installation service in Round Rock! Request for a free quote!

Artificial turf and large rocks that run along the driveway of a home in Austin, Texas.


Guaranteed to Last

Artificial turf is a great way to improve your home or business landscape. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by a 15-year warranty. We also offer expert installation services that will make sure your new turf looks great and lasts for years. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf products and services!

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How do you lay artificial grass around a curve

Laying artificial turf around a circular shape is easy. First, measure and cut out the amount of artificial grass that is needed for the installation. Then, lay the grass on the curved surface to get an idea and know which part to glue first, as well as where you will have to cut. 

Next, mark the grass on the back indicating the areas through which you are going to cut. Then, cut the artificial grass following the marks, and install it correctly.

Now it will be necessary to cut the artificial grass, following the marks that you have made previously. As you cut, you must install very carefully to ensure a good result.

Do you need crushed rocks under artificial grass?

In the case of placing the grass in the garden, in uneven areas or that need a greater settlement (such as in play areas, walkways, or swimming pools), you must prepare the ground with crushed stones. In this way you will achieve a professional finish and greater firmness and better drainage, avoiding unevenness and holes under the lawn that could end up damaging it.

Can you install artificial turf on rocks?

Yes, you can! Artificial turf can be installed on any type of surface including rocks. However, it may take a bit of professionalism to have a long-lasting result.

Is artificial turf more expensive than concrete?

No, that’s not true! Even though both artificial turf and concrete are affordable and require a low cost of maintenance, concrete landscapes are usually more expensive.

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