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How Do You Clean Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic grass along the side yard of an Austin home.

Most people will simply spray it off with a hose. However, if you have pets and want to feel it is cleaner, there are products out there that can be used to clean artificial turf as well. While artificial turf is very durable, some people believe it can become dirty and stained.  But, that simply is not true.  While it can be stained if you are not careful, most people don’t find their artificial stains easily.  If you drop something that stains, such as mustard on your artificial turf, you should wipe it up quickly to prevent staining.  

If you have left all over your artificial turf, you will need to get a soft rack to rack them up.  While the turf itself has little maintenance, you are still going to get leaves on your lawn.  Leaves and sticks will have to be removed the old fashion way.  You can also use a leaf blower if that makes the job a little less painless.  

Cleaning Synthetic Turf in Austin

Depending on the type of system you have installed and the foundation of your synthetic lawn, you might need to be careful about how much water you use.  You should ask the team when they are installing what is a good amount to clean with and their recommendations for cleaning your lawn.  

Your lawn should be cleared around 25-30 times a year.  You can go back and forth depending on how much your family uses it.  Some people don’t have to clean as often, while others find that they live in a dusty area and there is a haze over their lawn from time to time.  When your lawn looks like that, it is time for a good hose down to rinse it off.  If you have pets, obviously you will need to clean sooner.  Depending on the system, however, you might just need to use a hose to wash the waste away. If you want it cleaner, add a little cleaner to the hose water and spray.  Just be sure that you rinse, so that detergent doesn’t get on the paws of your pet and make them sick.  

Rainwater for Synthetic Turf Austin

Another way that people clean their synthetic lawns is with a sprinkler system.  While you don’t have to run it as long, it will still rinse off the synthetic grass.  If you have hard water, you will want to add a filter to ensure that you don’t put rust stains on your lawn.  You can add a filter to just the hose area or for the entire home.  Don’t use hard water on your nice new lawn or it will stain it.  

Rainwater will also rinse the synthetic grass and can certainly be your friend.  If the synthetic grass was installed by professionals it will have proper drainage.  This will ensure that you won’t end up with pools or puddles.    However, if it was installed by amateurs, you will want to install a rain drain.  This will ensure that it doesn’t flood the basement.  This will save you a lot of money in the long run.  

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