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How Does Synthetic Grass Help the Environment?

Environmentally friendly synthetic grass in the side yard of an Austin home.

When you have synthetic grass you won’t have to mow or water it any longer.  It doesn’t require any chemicals for fertilizer or insecticides.  It looks great year-round and you are not putting those chemicals into the environment. You also are not wasting water watering your lawn.  There are so many reasons why synthetic grass is better for the environment.

What are the benefits of synthetic grass? For those of you who have never heard about this fantastic product, here are just a few reasons why it is great for the environment.

Synthetic grass is not a new product on the market.  However, it originally was designed for commercial use.  However, in recent years it has become popular as an option for residential lawns as well.  It is more expensive to install than real grass but it pays for itself with the lack of needing maintenance and care.  Artificial turf is easy to clean with a simple wash from the hose.  It comes with proper drainage to allow the water to be carried away, so you won’t have puddles or pools.  

Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass in Austin

Synthetic grass is called “synthetic turf” and it is basically a synthetic version of real grass. The only difference between natural grass and synthetic turf is that the real grass has been chemically treated with fertilizers and insecticides to regenerate it every year. However, there is no need for that with synthetic grass. It also is mold and bacteria resistant. Making it safe for pets as well. 

Pets can use synthetic grass as they would normal outdoor grass.  It makes cleaning up after pets a breeze.  You simply need to hose it down and everything will break down and be washed away, it is that simple. If you are tired of picking up after your pets, we highly recommend synthetic grass.  They also cannot chew it or put holes in it.   It is perfect for all dogs, cats, and even rabbits.  You will not be disappointed in the benefits that synthetic grass provides.

When you are not mowing your lawn, you are not putting fumes in the air.  This is another way synthetic grass is good for the environment. You no longer will need to use pesticides or weed killers, which are harmful to humans and wildlife.  You will not need to use any pet products either, which are also harmful to humans.

Synthetic Grass That’s Perfect for Everyone

The artificial lawn is perfect for pets because it is easy on their paws. They can walk on it all day long without having to worry about hurting their paws. Its soft fibers feel natural to animals and they won’t know the difference, nor will your neighbors.   The artificial lawn is also perfect for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities.

It is able to create a green carpet that looks like the real thing without being too expensive. You will not have to worry about stepping on uneven dirt or getting stung by real insects.  Insects don’t make homes in synthetic grass lawns and neither do ground moles or woodchucks. 

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We hope this article helped explain how synthetic grass helps the environment.

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