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Kid Play

All About Kid Play

Waterloo Turf’s Kid Play System is created to ensure a safe and natural looking surface for any playground. Our Kid Play turf allows a durable, clean and soft surface children enjoy and exceeds all of the industry quality and safety standards.

What is Artificial Grass? How can it improve a playground?

Playground Artificial grass is a type of synthetic turf made up of long, thin blades of plastic. It is installed primarily for improved safety and aesthetics.

Playground Artificial grass has many benefits over a natural turf. Synthetic grass is more durable and easier to maintain and more resistant to weeds, mold, or mildew than natural turf. It also has the advantage over natural turf in that it requires less water consumption.

Playground turf is especially suited for sport surfaces like soccer or baseball fields. Places where durability is important due to the frequent contact with things like cleats from players and balls as well as being walked upon by players, spectators, and stadium personnel during matches that last hours on end. Because of this, artificial grass for playgrounds is a very popular choice. It is fairly inexpensive to install and will last for years without any major maintenance.

The Pros of Artificial Grass Versus Grass

Artificial grass is a cheaper option than natural grass. It requires less maintenance and has a long lifespan. With minimal care, artificial grass will always look good. This is why schools and other playgrounds are looking into it for the playground areas. It also has better drainage and doesn’t produce the mud that you see with the traditional real gas on playgrounds. The quality of artificial grass is top-notch and has been improved over the years. Gone are the days of the cheap plastic grass that your grandmother had on her porch. Today’s grass is thick and lush.

Other things to consider:

  • Playground artificial grass has a longer lifespan than natural grass, allowing it to be your permanent lawn.
  • Playground turf grass doesn’t require any maintenance to keep it looking good. It can last for years without you having to do anything at all but water occasionally or using an easy sprayer that will keep the lawn looking fresh and new every day!
  • It’s cheaper than natural grass – The installation might be a little more expensive but think about all that you will save on lawn care services. There is no mowing, weeding, or chasing away insects with artificial grass turf.


No more mowing!

Artificial turf is a lot safer than natural grass. It is more durable and won’t grow into the ground. Artificial grass does not need to be watered and mowed as natural grass, which can save you time and money. However, you will need to water it down from time to time to clean it.

An Introduction to Maintenance and Replacement Tips for Playground Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was made to provide children with a safe and fun place to play. It is important for parents to be aware of the necessary maintenance and replacement tips for this kind of artificial grass.

Although they look like real grass, playground artificial grass is not a natural material.

It requires regular maintenance in order to keep it looking new and fresh.

Taking good care of this type of turf is essential because it provides a safe environment for children who are playing on the ground or using it as a surface for outdoor activities.

Some people believe that the only way for these types of artificial turf to last is if they are replaced every few years. But this isn’t accurate as these types of turf can actually last up to many years. The most maintenance that you will need is to rinse the grass off from time to time. Dirt will gather and grind away at the fibers is left without a good cleaning. However, cleaning is far easier than trying to mow around playground equipment. This cleaning would need to be done once every three months for low crowded playgrounds and more often for those with crowds such as school playgrounds.

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