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Expert Landscape Turf Installers Austin

Landscape turf in Austin backyard that surrounds a pool.

Landscape Turf Installation Companies Austin

Landscape turf is a fiber flooring, which imitates the appearance of natural grass. They are categorized into two groups: Sports and Decorative synthetic lawns.

The artificial lawn was originally designed as a technical floor for sports use. 

Afterward, it proved to be a decorative product for outdoor furniture. The reason for its popular use in Texas is mainly linked to its aesthetic appearance and easy maintenance. A good quality artificial turf fits and requires no watering or cutting. It is also easy to maintain.

The team that devised the first artificial turf in the 1960s was looking for a solution to solve the difficulties involved in maintaining a real grass lawn. Since then, the synthetic lawn has had a great development both in sporting and decorating applications.

In half a century, landscape turf has strongly evolved so much that, currently, it no longer has anything to do with those prototypes. By now, we are already at the seventh generation in synthetic turf systems, with very advanced performances and effects.

The choice of using landscape turf on small or large areas in Texas is often dictated by reasons of functionality and costs. A good, well-made fake lawn looks almost real and requires little maintenance. In all the cases below and many others, landscape turf can be a valid solution in Austin:

  • when the maintenance costs required to keep a real, well-kept, and healthy lawn are high. 
  • when the outdoor area is heavily used and the real grass lawn is constantly ruined. 
  • when it is not possible to keep order in the yard, for various reasons.
  • when the climate in Austin can prevent the good growth of the real lawn

The climate in Austin is characterized by lengthy and hot summers, brief winters, and pleasantly mild spring and fall seasons in-between. Though brief winters, it could be harsh one. 

When it is too cold in Austin, the natural grass will not grow well. Also, when it’s too sunny, the lawn burns and requires continuous care and large quantities of water. So, landscape turf is the best option!

Additionally, in arid environments, or with little natural light, it is difficult to keep a lawn that is always beautiful and luxuriant.

  • when the outdoor area is covered or partially covered – where sunshine is scarce or absent, synthetic lawn is an excellent solution. 

Generally, artificial turf solves in a very effective way, the difficulty of growing and preserving natural grass. It remains healthy and homogeneous throughout the year.

Benefits of Landscape Turf Installation for Austin Residents

  • Designing a green space is easy
  • The installation is fast
  • No lawnmower is needed
  • Cleaning is simple
  • It does not require a lot of maintenance
  • It is not attacked by parasites
  • No pesticides 
  • It is beautiful all year round
  • No need to be fertilized
  • Resists UV rays
  • It does not dry out
  • It allows to break down the dirt that enters the house


  • The artificial grass can withstand even intense use, with great foot traffic.
  • It can be an ideal solution in holiday homes.
  • It solves the problem where constant maintenance of the garden is not possible.
  • It is a practical solution for elderly owners of garden houses, who avoid the work of watering and mowing.
  • Cleaning is easy: it can also be vacuumed or swept with a clean broom.
  • The parasites that normally attack the grass cannot eat the synthetic lawn.
  • No more weeds, parched areas, or barren areas.
  • Artificial turf avoids the use of chemicals, pesticides, pesticides, or other dangerous chemicals.
  • It drastically reduces the use of water.
  • The material it is made of can be recycled.

Eco-friendly Landscape Turf for Austin Environment

Viewing from the standpoint of natural solutions, landscape turf is beneficial. It is a solution that allows considerable water savings and therefore, significantly lower the water bill. Some studies show that on average more than 70% of the water is used for outdoor areas. But with synthetic lawns, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact, significantly reducing water consumption. An ecological choice, as well as practical, not to mention that it is not even necessary to carry out expensive irrigation systems.

There’s generally a scarcity of water during severe winters. Hence, the use of synthetic grass is a perfect go-to option. Even in some parts of the world, it is forbidden to irrigate the lawn and water the flowers during periods of drought, due to restrictions on water conservation. The synthetic lawn in these areas is an optimal solution!

Furthermore, the ground under the synthetic lawn is protected.  Because instead of cementing and paving the external area, it can be covered with synthetic grass, preserving the earth for the future. So, it can be rightly said that with synthetic lawns you save time, water, and money and conserve the soil.

Installation of Landscape Turf in Austin

Quality landscape turf deserves to be installed professionally. Laying artificial grass is often underestimated, but there are more things involved than one might think. Just think of the surface, water permeability, stability, and edging.

Waterloo Turf has been passionately active for years in installing artificial grass in the various cities in Texas, US. Thanks to our years of experience and eagerness to learn. We can carry out any artificial grass project for you from start to finish. 

We take care of the groundwork, determine the best surface depending on the application and your expectations and install the turf. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy your artificial grass lawn for years to come. 

Furthermore, we install artificial grass in the yards, on balconies, and on roof terraces. Our experts also install turf for schools sports fields and playgrounds or a safe playing environment for daycare centers.

For which application are you looking for artificial turf in Austin? Reach out to us today!


Our Landscape Installation Services in Austin

Because of the high guarantee on our landscape turf, installing artificial lawns in your residential or commercial property is a long-term investment. After all, you want to be able to use the lawn day in and day out for years. Unfortunately, installing artificial grass is often underestimated. 

Just as it is usually sensible to have a professional install a pavement or floor, for example, it is also advisable in most cases to use specialists for the installation of the artificial grass. The cost of construction is usually only a small part of the total price.

Waterloo Turf has been active in the installation of landscape turf for years and offers a complete installation service. We always do this from the point of view of our customer satisfaction. And we always try to estimate in advance what your expectations are as a customer; on that basis, we will inform you as well so that you know what to expect. Due to our transparent working method and clear communication, we dare to give a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Substrate for Landscape Turf

The importance of a good surface is one of the most underestimated parts of an artificial grass installation. In our opinion, the importance of this is perhaps greater than the grass itself. To make a good choice in terms of substrate, it is very important as a consumer to know what your expectations are so that a good choice of substrate can be made. 

Just like the grass itself, there are different options in terms of substrate, each with its advantages and disadvantages. We have been in this business for years, so we know the best substrate for different landscape turf.

Installation Plan for Landscape Turf

At Waterloo turf, we always make a clear installation plan before installing artificial grass. As a result, we always know in advance exactly how the grass will lie and how many seams there will be. We work productively and limit the cutting loss to the absolute minimum. 

To make an exact installation plan, we always come to the site first to carry out the necessary measurements ourselves. After that, we will start drawing up a plan. We take into account various factors. 

Our specialists determine installation based on two criteria; on the one hand, the dominant viewing direction, and on the other hand, the orientation of the yard. That’s because the position of the sun largely determines the appearance of artificial grass.

Drawing up a laying plan is a service that we can also offer to our professional customers and customers who wants to install the artificial grass themselves.

Installing Landscape Turf Yourself

Are you a handy do-it-yourselfer or do you have experience with similar jobs and do you want to install artificial grass yourself? Then we are happy to assist you with useful tips and the necessary advice. 

However, keep in mind that the larger the surface, the more you’ll need to cut and glue, making installation more complicated. In this case, also, we are your best bet! Our professionals will come to your aid!


  • How much does artificial turf cost?

The price of artificial turf depends on the material and quality of the grass. Artificial grass mats differ in height, firmness, and density. This has to do with the type of plastic from which the artificial grass is made. In general, you can assume that artificial turf is more expensive based on the softness, the more similar it is to natural grass, and the more blades of grass per square meter.

  • How much does it cost to install synthetic grass?

The costs for the installation depend on the situation, the application, and especially the expectations you have as a customer. Another consideration is the accessibility of the site. The dimensions also have an influence. Do you want to know how much your synthetic grass installation cost? We are happy to prepare a tailor-made offer. Request a quote now!

  • How much does artificial grass cost in Texas?

First of all, how much you’ll spend on buying artificial grass in Texas depends on the length and width of the site. Also, the brand type and your design preference influence the cost. However, in a general sense, the cost is between $8 and $20 per square foot including installation and material.

  • How long does it take to install field turf?

How long it takes to turf a field primarily depends on who is involved in the project and how large the project is. If the area you want to turf is large, it may take you several weeks to do it yourself. However, if it were to be handled by professionals, the project may be completed in a week or less.

Waterloo Turf offers artificial turf installation and maintenance services. Services include sod installation, artificial grass installation, replacement of old turf, and maintenance services. Waterloo Turf is the go to company for landscape turf installers Austin.

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